Network HD/4K Camera

Ultra-low latency, over-network camera

Fiber optic and electronic multiplexers are not only expensive, they are limited in their number of available channels. Nuytco has addressed this problem with its ultra-low latency, over network camera, with a staggering glass-to-glass delay of only 46m seconds. Because the video is served over your network, you’re limited only by bandwidth – on a 10Gbps uplink that that equates to 70+ HD, or 35+ 4K cameras!

The fact that the cameras are over network also eliminates the need for fiber optic or coaxial connectors on board your vehicle; signals are transmitted over relatively inexpensive cat 5 cables.

Topside video is hardware-decoded where it can be connected easily to your video system of choice (no computer required for decoding/recording).
Connectors are mounted forward on the camera housing for their protection and can be located on any side to make sure they stay safely out of the way.

The cinema-grade camera is serially controlled and is equipped standard with (35mm equivalent) 24-100mm zoom lens. The housing also will accept a wide angle adapter, or wide angle prime lenses.

The camera is native 4K and the 4K stream also can be served over the network, but with a latency of about 200m seconds. This makes it too laggy for real-time piloting tasks, but perfect for real time observation by clients, scientists etc. The camera is capable of providing both HD and 4K simultaneously.*

Nuytco also has an excellent video overlay solution for both HD and 4K streams that we are happy to customize to your system.

*When streaming both HD and 4K simultaneously frame rates both must be set to 30p, HD latency increases to 140m seconds.


Focal Length

  • (35mm equivalent) 24-100mm (options available)


  • 1 Gbps network

Depth rating

  • 2000m standard (4000m optional)

Air weight

  • 40 lbs approx.

Water weight

  • 20 lbs approx.