Network HDcamera

Easily capture large amounts of HD video

Nuytco’s network attached video cameras make capturing and archiving large amounts of high definition video easy. View and record multiple streams synchronously, (for synchronous playback) with Nuytco’s software.

Full frame rate 1080p in H.264 or up to 12 frames per second at 5 megapixel. Multiple streams from each camera allow you to view streams at multiple locations on your LAN.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) means that only one cat 5 cable is required for each camera head, (maximum cable length 100m).

The connector can be populated into either the back of the housing (as normal), or can enter at the front of the housing. The front entry can be positioned (clocked) in any direction, to keep the connector out of harm’s way (especially useful when located in rough service locations or on pan and tilt units).


Focal Length

  • 3.5mm (fixed)


  • 1080p H.264 @ 30 fps

Maximum resolution

  • 5Mp @ 12 fps


  • Acrylic dome

Air weight

  • 6.8 lbs


  • SubConn Ethernet MCBH8M