In the Movies

Titanic: Nuytco research designed the thruster technology used by James Cameron to film the underwater footage of Titanic for his blockbuster film of the same name.

The Abyss: Phil Nuytten was senior technical advisor and Nuytco Research Ltd. provided the submersibles and other futuristic subsea devices for James Cameron’s Academy Award® winner.

Sphere: Nuytco Research provided initial concept drawings for the on-film dive helmets and supplied technical support.

Dark Secrets of the Lusitania: This 2011 made-for-TV special produced by National Geographic features Newtsuit and Dual DeepWorker 2000 dives to examine the Lusitania, the infamous casualty of a German U-boat.

Flight of the Aquanaut: This IMAX movie featured Phil Nuytten’s invention, the ADS Newtsuit.