Nuytco Research Ltd. specializes in designing and building custom hardware and software for out-of-the-box applications. We have decades of experience successfully tackling underwater projects that “couldn’t be done” and designing systems that didn’t exist. From the first ‘Newtsuit’ rotary joint patent in 1985 to what’s on the workbench today, Nuytco has the expertise to do it. Nuytco has designed and delivered dozens of deep-diving manned submersibles, atmospheric diving suits (ADS), remotely-operated vehicles, cameras, propulsion systems and lighting arrays to many satisfied customers.

Tracked Vehicle

The client came to Nuytco with the need for a vehicle that could do abandoned drift (mine tunnel) survey. Nuytco worked with client to develop, build, and deploy the tracked vehicle.

Deep-diving Science sub

The client wanted a deep-diving submersible with panoramic viewports for diving in the waters off Curacao, Netherland Antilles. Nuytco designed and built the ’Curasub’ submersible and trained client crews to pilot and maintain vehicle.