Nuytco Research Ltd. offers operations services for atmospheric diving suits (ADS), manned submersibles, remotely operated vehicles, lights, thrusters and other specialty equipment for underwater applications. Nuytco owns and operates a fleet of submersibles, ROV’s, sonar systems and specialized tools for commercial and scientific applications. We offer training on the ‘DeepWorker’ series, or can supply a full crew with pilot(s) and support, as the client requires. We have extensive experience working with TV and feature film crews and in remote locations.

Construction - Fish farming

Crew and assets deployed for remediation of fish farming site, for which Nuytco developed, fabricated and deployed a custom, load-rated quick attachment shackle to allow the rapid attachment of a manipulator-friendly shackle anchoring system.

Client support - Pipeline survey

Supplied additional sub and support crew to client for 18 km-long, deepwater pipeline survey in Korea.

Cable survey - EMF measurements

Deployment of DualDeepWorker and crew to take Electro Magnetic Force (EMF) measurements off the coast of California.

Construction - Aqueduct restoration & remediation

Deployment of crew and assets to the New York Department of Environmental Protection to perform multiple tunnel penetrations for the restoration and remediation of a drinking-water aqueduct.

Space Shuttle rocket recovery

DeepWorker 2000 submersible and crew supplied to United Space Alliance to perform post-flight recovery of solid rocket boosters for Space Shuttle flight STS-101.


Supplied submersible/ADS and crew for deployment of a grit-entrained, high-pressure water tool by ADS with submersible support.

Science - Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

Training for submersible pilots, support for classification surveys, and ongoing support for a Nuytco-designed and built submersible operating on the island of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.