Nuytco is always researching and developing new technology for underwater applications. Here is a sample of some of the things currently on the workbench.


The Prehensor is a manipulator that matches the dexterity of a gloved human hand. External ‘fingers’ mimic the exact movements of the inside ‘master’ hand and provide full, 100% reflexive index-ability of the external thumb, in concert with the number of other digits employed. In addition, the outside ‘slave hand’ provides directly proportional sensory feedback of pressure, weight, etc., to the inside master hand (yours!).

The unique capabilities of the Prehensor were developed specifically with the Nuytco ‘Exosuit ADS™’ in mind, but the system can easily replace existing simple jaw-style manipulators for use on ADS units. An electronically-controlled version is under development for use on remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) and deep submersibles. There also has been discussion with the national space agencies of several countries on the use of the ‘Prehensor’ as a possible alternative to the conventional space-suit gloves.

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REMORA - Submarine Rescue System

The Personnel Pressure Suit (PPS) is a one-atmosphere submarine self-rescue system. The PPS comprises an escape suit that can be tolerate to full outside pressure to the collapse depth of the submarine, as well as full internal pressure in the even that unit must be used to escape from an already-pressurized, disabled submarine (DISSUB).

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