Supports 2 people down to 2000ft

The Dual DeepWorker 2000 is a two-person, one atmosphere submersible that can operate in depths up to 2000 feet. Each person has a 24-inch diameter acrylic viewing dome, which gives an expansive field of view and is used to enter/exit the submersible. The Dual DeepWorker 2000 has a favourable weight to power ratio and six thrusters, giving it superb manoeuvrability. Dual DeepWorker 2000 is equipped with PAX controls, meaning the pilot can pass the control to the passenger.

The Dual DeepWorker 2000 is also available in a 3300 foot (1000m) configuration.



  • 2000 Foot depth-rated
  • 1 Pilot, 1 Passenger
  • A516 grade 70 steel
  • Weight in air 6500lbs
  • Length: 7.2 ft. (2.1 m)
  • Beam: 6.6 ft. (2.0 m)
  • Height: 6.6 ft. (2.0 m
  • PAX control: passenger may pilot

Life Support

  • 2 Redundant oxygen systems, total capacity 80 man-hours
  • Carbon Dioxide removed via scrubbers, 25lbs/person
  • Emergency breathing gas via air BIBS


  • Four main horizontal thrusters, plus two vertical/lateral thrusters
  • 160 cu.ft. ballast air provided for surface buoyancy/trim


  • Two 24” dia. Acrylic domes; serve as entry hatches


  • Surface: ICOM VHF
  • Sub-surface: UQC and 27 KHZ Acoustic

Power Requirement

  • 208-240 3 Phase, 50A, 50-60HZ

Emergency Equipment

  • Drop weight jettison capability
  • Main battery jettison capability
  • Emergency battery
    • Powers comms and CO2 scrubber


  • Vehicle may be operated tethered or untethered

Optional Equipment

  • HD Camera, H.264 (Blu-Ray Codec) camera
  • SONAR, modified Imagenex, standard scan and ultra-high resolution short range scan
  • HydroNewt Manipulators, standard reach 5 feet
  • Tracking Beacon
  • Strobe/RF/Iriduim beacon
  • Electro magnet
  • Magnetometer
  • Burial/excavation pumps
  • Sampling equipment
  • Precision laser measuring system
  • Pipe tracker
  • Lift bag salvage module
  • U/W cutting module
  • Acoustic thickness/CP/EMF Probe
  • Other optional equipment available