Electric work class ROV

The NewtROV is an electric work class ROV that has been designed to replace the traditional hydraulic concept. Electric propulsion converts power into thrust far more efficiently than an electric/hydraulic powertrain; it also reduces weight and cost, and improves reliability. Risk of oil leakage is also greatly reduced (in fact short of the manipulators & tooling the vehicle requires no oil at all).

The muscle for the 33Kw propulsion system is Nuytco’s NMT12‐MK2 magnetically coupled thruster. Over a hundred of these units have been manufactured, with some early units accumulating over 3000 hours; their reliability has been proven excellent.

‘Thruster mapping’ and ‘installed spares’ are a couple of the features that have been added to expedite field repairs – recovery from damage often will not require opening a junction can. Each load on the vehicle is galvanically isolated when turned off. This allows the automated line insulation testing feature to quickly locate and quantize faults. The graphic user interface is highly evolved and provides novice as well as veteran operators and engineers intuitive access to all of the vehicle’s features.

Ultra low latency (< 35mS) HD video over IP encoding effectively removes the limit of video channels for the vehicle (up to 6 x 1080p60 cameras) over the standard Gigabit uplink (upgradable to 10 Gigabit). This provides a very generous amount of bandwidth for other network and serial instruments.

To control cost and reduce launch weight, buoyancy modules (blocks) have been employed rather than a traditional monolithic foam block (add payload when you need it). The frame will readily accept tool skids and excess buoyancy up to a maximum launch weight of 10,000 lbs (typical launch weight approximately 5,500 lbs).



  • 2km (4km optional)


  • 50KW

Thrust power

  • 1000lb fwd, 640lb translate, 550lb vert.


  • 11 (15 channels)


  • 12 channels, 6A at 300V each