Versatile exploration platform with panoramic viewing

The one-atmosphere Deep Rover is a 3300ft (1000m) depth-rated, one person submersible. Two 64” acrylic hemispheres offer panoramic viewing. Deep Rover’s incredible viewing dome, two five-function manipulators with 5’ reach, HD camera and lighting arrays make Deep Rover an extremely versatile platform.



  • 3300 foot (900m) depth-rated
  • 1 Pilot
  • Two 160°, 5” thick acrylic hemispheres, joined by two aluminum rings to form a single sphere, 64 inches O.D.; 516 grade 70 steel with 316 stainless hatch rings
  • Weight in air 3.6 tons
  • Length: 8.2 ft. (2.5 m)
  • Beam: 6.3 ft. (1.9 m)
  • Height: 7.8 ft. (2.3 m)
  • Payload: 250 lbs (114 kg)
  • Max Speed: 2.25 knots

Life Support

  • Redundant O2 systems, 80 man- hrs total
  • Carbon dioxide removed via scrubbers
  • Emergency breathing gas via air BIBS


  • Two rear thrusters fixed, two forward thrusters rotatable; all can be independently activated
  • 150 pounds buoyant lift from single soft tank


  • Panoramic, via acrylic pressure hull


  • Surface: ICOM VHF
  • Sub-surface: UQC and 27 KHZ Acoustic

Power Source

  • Two battery pods provide 120 v. each
  • Emergency power provided in seat base


  • Vehicle may be operated tethered or untethered

Emergency Equipment

  • Drop weight jettison capability
  • Hull jettison capability
  • Battery pod jettison capability
  • Emergency battery (for comms and CO2 scrubber)


  • Two five function manipulators, with variable geometry and options
  • Wrist mounted lights, video, and still cameras standard

Optional Equipment

  • HD Camera, H.264 (Blu-Ray Codec) camera
  • Tracking Beacon
  • Direction finder/transmitter
  • SONAR, modified Imagenex standard scan and ultra-high resolution short range scan
  • Strobe/RF/Iriduim beacon
  • Hydraulic cutters/tools
  • Jetting/dredging pumps
  • Sampling equipment
  • Precision laser measuring system
  • Pipe tracker
  • U/W cutting module
  • Acoustic thickness/CP/EMF Probe
  • Real time video and sonar data in tethered mode
  • Other optional equipment available