NMT12-Mk2 Thruster

Second-gen thruster with excellent power and reliability

Nuytco’s second generation magnetically coupled 12 inch thruster improves on the excellent power and reliability of the first generation NMT12 by incorporating the drive right into the thruster housing. These units have been optimized, above all, for bollard efficiency - they produce outstanding thrust at any power setting.

A magnetically coupled prop shaft means that there are no dynamic seals and the housing is not oil filled. Should the thruster jam due to foreign object ingestion the coupling will slip, resulting in no electrical or mechanical damage.

The high torque motor eliminates the need for a transmission, further enhancing reliability and making the thruster extremely quiet. Low rotor inertia allows for nearly instantaneous windup, and dynamic breaking allows for very quick reversal and precise stopping.

The NMT12-Mk2 also monitors its supply voltage to maintain thrust output should its input voltage droop.


Voltage Input

  • 200-400vdc

Motor type

  • Brushless DC

Depth rating

  • 1000m (2000m optional)

Water weight

  • 27.5 lbs


  • +/- 10 vdc


  • Impulse PNA-1⁄2’’-RA-AL


  • Impulse MHDG5 –CCP